We’re On A Mission To Change The Way You Think About Your Brain

You wear sunscreen to protect your skin, brush and floss your teeth, and try to work out to keep your heart strong. But what are you doing for the most important organ in your body? BrainGear is based on the simple belief that you should take care of your brain just like you take care of other parts of your body.


Backed By Science

Research is everything. Our ingredients are scientifically proven and GRAS (generally recognized as safe), which means they provide healthy brain support. The result is a brain that thrives.

Comes From Real Food

Your brain depends on the nutrients you put into your body. While every ingredient in BrainGear can also be found in food, it's virtually impossible to eat enough of it to feel a difference. That’s the reason we created BrainGear: to give your brain the food it needs to thrive.

No Artificial Or Harmful Ingredients

The key to healthy cognitive function isn’t loading up on stimulants that offer short-term benefits but long-term consequences. BrainGear utilizes only clean ingredients because supporting your brain starts with feeding it the nutrients it needs to work its best. No false promises, no scary side effects, jitters, or crashes.

No Secrets

We don’t believe in hiding anything from our customers, which is why we list all of our ingredients and their dosages. Trade secrets and proprietary blends have no place in our company, as we are committed to true transparency.

Meet Our Founder

I started BrainGear because I know how incredibly difficult it can be when your brain isn’t at its best. Working at a tech start-up, my days were long, and my nights nearly sleepless. I thought I was handling stress well. Until I wasn’t. I suddenly wasn’t myself anymore. I started forgetting what I had done with entire hours in my day, and blanking on the names of people I knew. It was so frustrating to just not feel like myself that I started having issues with my sleep and became even more anxious and overwhelmed.

Worried that I had a serious issue, I visited multiple neurologists who told me that nothing was wrong with my brain. While I was relieved, I refused to believe that my symptoms were simply a part of aging. I was still so young! It wasn’t until I met with a world-renowned neurologist that I got my answer. Everything, he told me, was a result of my high-stress, over-worked lifestyle. While I had been eating healthy and exercising, I had been taking my brain for granted, and it was burned out.

My doctor started me on a regimen of 13 clinically proven nutrients, vitamins and supplements to optimize my brain. Within weeks, I felt like my old self. I was back! The biggest downside? I was taking 13 pills every day—a nausea-inducing, gag-worthy ritual.

I knew there had to be a better way to continue my healthy brain regimen without all those pills. Working with top scientists and neurologists, we developed a convenient drink with the nutrients my brain needed to stay healthy, and BrainGear was born.

Patricia Gutierrez
CEO & Founder

Meet The Brains Behind BrainGear

When It Comes To The Brain, We Don’t Mess Around

Medical and R&D Board

James Doty, MD
Medical Advisor
Professor of Neurosurgery,
Stanford University

John Bertelson, MD
Medical Advisor
Chief of Neurology,
Seton Brain & Spine Institute

Arthur Roberts, MD
Medical Advisor
Founder, Living Heart Foundation

Christina Beer, PhD
R&D - Food & Beverage
Development Scientist
Schiff Nutrition International,
Senior/Lead Scientist

Ann Deren-Lewis
R&D - Research and
Commercial Development
SVP Commercial Development,

Industry Board

Paul Harrington
Industry Advisory Board
CEO, Fox Racing

Jeff Popkin
Industry Advisory Board
CEO, Sidney Frank Importing
Company, Inc.

Rhonda Lesinski
Industry Advisory Board
President, Zume, Inc.

Paul Crandell
Industry Advisory Board
SVP Global Marketing, GoPro

Rodrigo Veloso
Industry Advisory Board
Founder and CEO,
O.N.E. Coconut Water

David Davis
Industry Advisory Board
Director Strategic Global Accounts,
Wild Flavors

David Shaw
Athletic Advisory Board
Director of Football (Head Coach),
Stanford University

Duane Carlisle
Athletic Advisory Board
Director of Sports Performance,
Purdue University

Shannon Turley
Athletic Advisory Board
Director of Sports Performance,
Stanford University