You’re smart, well-educated, charming and easy to talk to. However, haven’t you had those moments, engaged in conversation, where you suddenly struggle to find the right word or phrase? Many times this happens when you’re under stress, or simply just tired. In those moments, you have been known for saying things like “you know the word that means…" or “it’s just on the tip of my tongue…” or the worst one of them all: “it starts with an M….(and it usually doesn’t even start with that letter!)“.

It’s frustrating, and definitely throws a wrench in the ebb and flow of the conversation, presentation or sales pitch. Fortunately, you now found BrainGear to help keep your brain firing on all cylinders so you can regularly rely on that intelligence of yours. Sometimes the ability to be on top of your game comes down to simple things. Getting enough sleep, eating well and insuring that the nutrients, vitamins and supplements you are feeding your body and mind will enable you to be at your best. With BrainGear you have found a way to feed your brain’s performance. Feeding your brain what it needs enables it to perform at its highest level, so you are able to be at peak performance and can really get s**t done when it matters most.

We live in an increasingly fast paced world. And our fast-paced living seems to be getting the best of us. How often do you find yourself bowing out of plans with friends because your to-do list is “SO overwhelming?” Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was a way to focus, get more done in less time, and be able to actually HAVE the time to do things you would rather be doing? It’s not just heavier workloads keeping us busier than usual. The allure of that sound, indicating that a new text has come in, or the seductive draw of the little jingle alerting us to a new Facebook or Instagram comment….that can pull us away from the most important tasks!

We aren’t here to claim that we’ve found the holy grail answer, but there IS something to be said about BrainGear helping you to quickly find the fast focus, clarity and concentration you need to knock out your to-do list in a more efficient manner. While the right active ingredients, taken at the right time and in the right amounts may seem simple enough, BrainGear has gone a step further by emulsifying these ingredients into a true brain performance formula, ensuring those ingredients get quickly and completely absorbed so your body and mind get the full immediate and long-term benefits.

We hope BrainGear helps you struggle less, and succeed more.