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Everything Your Brain Needs to Thrive.

Your neurons are what they eat. BrainGear feeds your brain with what it needs most:13 nutrients that have been clinically proven to promote clarity, focus and mood balance and support overall brain wellness and cognitive function, resulting in a brain that’s healthier and happier. Hey! Your brain just got smarter.

One Small Bottle. One Big Meal For Your Brain.

BrainGear's patented blends of 13 brain nutrients is clinically proven to optimize brain wellness and function so that you can feel your best. Your brain depends on the nutrients you put into your body. While every ingredient in BrainGear can also be found in food, it's virtually impossible to eat enough of it to feel a difference. That’s the reason we created BrainGear: to give your brain the food it needs to thrive.

How It Works:

You’re one-of-a-kind. So is BrainGear. Backed by neurologists from Stanford University and UT Austin, BrainGear is actually good for your brain. Think of it like a green juice for your neurons, feeding them the nutrients they need. The benefits you feel first will be unique to the part of your brain that needs the most support. Just don’t go calling yourself a smarty pants.

Brain Benefits
You Can Feel.

BrainGear lifts brain fog so you can think clearer, and provides ongoing nourishment for everything from memory to mood balance.

Clinically Proven

Each of our 13 active ingredients has been scientifically proven, and doctor-recommended for years. But who wants to take 13+ pills a day?

Clean Ingredients
And a Clear, Focused Mind.

No jitters, jolts, crashes or additives. All you’ll feel are the brain nutrients working together to give your brain brain everything it needs to thrive.

Full Transparency.
No Secrets.

All of the nutrients in BrainGear’s patented formula are listed on our label because you deserve to know what you’re putting in your body.

Think Differently About Your Brain.

You try to eat healthy and exercise to keep your body strong. But what are you doing for your brain? We’re on a mission to help you care for your body’s most important organ—one clear, fresh, and balanced day at a time.

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