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The High-Level

  • Your brain needs certain nutrients to function, but first, those nutrients have to cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Once nutrients have crossed the blood-brain barrier, they can feed your brain cells and support communication between cells, which is called “signaling.”
  • This signaling between cells controls nearly everything in our daily lives – from picking up a fork to processing emotions.
  • Every cell in our body needs energy to work. BrainGear has antioxidants that help our brain cells produce their own energy, created in the mitochondria (the engine of the cell).
  • When our brain cells are well fed, working in harmony, you might notice better focus, an improved mood or more restful sleep. Our brains are also better equipped to handle more complex tasks.

Everything you do starts in the brain. Whether you’re holding downward dog in yoga or FaceTiming with your best friend, your brain is in charge. That’s the reason why brain wellness is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy life: it defines who you are, what you feel, and how you act. When your brain doesn’t feel its best, neither do you.

Your brain depends on the nutrients you put into your body for fuel. The difference between a foggy brain and a happy brain depends a lot on what you eat, drink, and how you treat your brain. A well-fed brain feels alert, sharp, and relaxed. A hungry brain feels tired, overwhelmed, has trouble sleeping, and lacks focus. That’s the reason we created BrainGear: to give your brain the food it needs to thrive.

Crossing The Blood-Brain Barrier

The brain is a complex organ and needs nutrients to support the incredible functions it performs every single day. But first, the nutrients you eat and drink must actually reach your brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier. Think of your blood-brain barrier like a shield—it keeps pathogens and unwanted chemicals away from your brain, but unfortunately it can also keep beneficial nutrients from doing their job to support brain wellness. When we were developing BrainGear, we made sure to choose nutrients that can actually cross this barrier so that they can do their thing in the right place—inside your head.

Healthy Cell Membranes For Better Communication

Once nutrients cross the blood brain barrier, they can feed your brain cells. Each of our brain cells is protected from its external environment by a cell membrane. The cell membrane helps the cell itself communicate with other cells inside your brain. This communication between cells is called “signaling” and it is vital to your everyday life. Brain cell signaling helps you do everything—from actions as simple as picking up a fork to mental processes as complicated as feeling emotions.

When our cell membranes are well-fed, our brain signaling works at its best. The choline, inositol and DMAE in BrainGear are important components of cell membranes, so replenishing these nutrients in your cell membranes helps them stay strong. But just like cultivating a garden, consistency is key. Because it takes time for brain cell membranes to regenerate, it’s important to provide them with a steady stream of nutrients. Like watering your plants daily, taking BrainGear every day helps provide the nutritional support your cell membranes need over time to stay strong.

Cellular Energy For Natural Clarity

Every cell in your body needs energy in order to work—including your brain cells. This cellular energy is created in the mitochondria deep within each cell. Think of the mitochondria as the energy-producing engine of your cells. BrainGear contains antioxidants such as vitamin E, PQQ, and green tea extract that help these little power generators work efficiently.

Well-fed mitochondria create energy in the form of ATP – the energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things. Just 30-40 minutes after feeding your mitochondria with nutrients that support energy production (such as acetyl-L-carnitine and niacin), you’ll feel a natural energy boost that lasts up to 8 hours. What you’re experiencing is energy that’s naturally produced by your body. Unlike the artificial and short-lived rush that comes from a temporary stimulant like caffeine, the natural energy you feel after nourishing your mitochondria lasts and won’t leave you feeling the jitters. So what’s actually happening behind the scenes? Your cells are getting energy to drive their own production of healthy brain-signaling chemicals. These chemicals help your cells communicate, optimizing cognitive function so you can be at the top of your game.

A Stronger Brain Means A Better You

When your cell membranes are healthy and your brain cells have the energy they need to communicate, the brain can move on to more complex tasks that take a little more brain space. For example, maintaining clear thinking when working under a deadline, remembering your BFF’s birthday or laughing at the joke your dad just told for the twentieth time instead of rolling your eyes. BrainGear contains nutrients like n-acetyl l-tyrosine, l-theanine, vitamin D, and vitamin B6 that help your neurons communicate – this communication tells the rest of the brain that things are going well. When everything is working in harmony, you might notice better focus and concentration, better mood, and more restful sleep. A Happy Brain = A Happy You!

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